Women’s Health

Our female doctors take a holistic approach to your health and can assist the full gamut of women’s health needs.  We deal with all stages of life, from pre-teen to pregnancy to post-menopausal and everything in between.

Dr Naomi Harris – Women’s Health Specialist

Naomi is a specialist general practitioner with strong interests in sports medicine, mental health, women’s health, paediatrics, aboriginal health and preventative medicine. Naomi graduated from Monash University in 2003 with an MBBS. She completed her General Practice training in South-West Victoria before moving back to Melbourne.

Naomi received a Graduate Diploma in Company Directing (International) in 2009 and in 2010 Naomi was awarded her FRACGP, FARGP and Graduate Diploma in Rural General Practice. She also has a Masters of Family Medicine and a Masters of Sports Medicine.

Since arriving back in Melbourne Naomi has had the privilege of working with athletes and teams from both the novice and the professional levels, and is currently working in AFL, VFL, A League, W League and Professional Combat Sports. She is fortunate to have also worked with the UFC.

Whilst having a love of sports medicine, Naomi’s passion for quality General Practice has meant she has done extensive further study and enjoys every moment of working as a General Practitioner.  In her spare time Naomi loves spending time with her husband and fur babies, and has an unhealthy obsession for excellent coffee.


Amenorrhoea i.e. absence of menstrual periods
Abnormal vaginal bleeding e.g. heavy bleeding
Post coital bleeding
Urinary incontinence
PCOS – polycystic ovary syndrome
Abnormal discharge
Pre-pregnancy guidance and testing
Urinary tract infections (UTIs)


HPV Cervical Screen test (previously a pap smear test) can be performed at our practice.


Everyone’s breasts look and feel different. You may have lumpy breasts, one breast larger than the other or breasts that are different shapes. Being proactive with your health means you should check your breasts on a regular basis and become familiar with what is normal for you. If you find irregularities, have a sore or tender breast or notice sudden lumps or spots, then book in with one of our GPs for a check-up.


Our female doctor Naomi P Harris specialises in all aspects of female health including advice on fertility testing including AHM (Ovarian Reserve) and ultrasound scans.


Shared care is an arrangement between a birthing hospital or other birth setting and a local practitioner, usually a GP. Our practice currently has one female GPs offering shared care appointments.


There are various options for the prevention of an unplanned pregnancy. These include oral contraceptives, contraceptive implants such as hormone releasing intrauterine devices or hormonal IUDs. Talk to one of our expert GPs about what will suit you best.

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