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Where individuals actively participate in their well-being leading to a shift from outmoded models to patient-led healthcare. Traditional medicine, non traditional medicine and multi-modality care at a gold standard.

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What we offer

A diverse health ecosystem, recognising the needs of each patient and providing personalised solutions for effective health management. From musculoskeletal, integrative medicine, and mental health supports to GPs, functional fitness, education, wellness spa, nutritionist approved cafe food in a stunning state of the art facility.


General Practice

A keystone in your lifetime of health, your GP is a critical ally. A holistic approach to all aspects of your health, blood tests, education, traditional components and a facilitater to the Medicare System.


Allied Health

Allied health supports you in all aspects of your health, from reactive needs to proactive and preventative supports. From Acupuncture to Psychology it is the A – Z of health and wellbeing, complementing traditional medical science.


Wellness Spa

The only time we truly heal and repair is when at rest. And rest is so needed in this environment and lifestyle. Wellness104 is all about providing those aspects of rest, peace, rejuvenation, repair, restoration and relaxation to us in a lifestyle where rest is not rewarded or recognised as an essential tool in the health toolkit.



Movement as medicine. Really – need we say more? We all know a healthy life and stable mental wellbeing is dependant on a strong functional body. So Active 104 is focussed on the strength, condition and functional aspects of your physical self. All of which are critical to a healthy, life and lifestyle.


Chronic Disease Management

In Australia 1 in 4 people are suffering with a chronic disease. With the number of different conditions increasing all the time, Health104 recognises this as a considerable endeavour on the individual to navigate the medical system. Considering their own unique conditions, symptoms, treatments and ongoing management. We create a team for you, of professionals such as GP, Allied health practitioners, nurse practitioners, personal trainers, to champion you.

The values we live by

Every person has a unique set of circumstances and health goals, be they short or long term. They are the key to their own success and need only to collaborate with other subject matter experts in order to achieve their goals. It is paramount to empower people to make their own choices and support them in the changes needed to address current health needs. Partnering with a strong team is the future for a lifetime of health and wellbeing.


Collaboration is the heart of teamwork and Health104 values the results driven by the patients for their own health needs. Transforming your health and life cannot be done on ones own. Working with a team of subject matter experts is the way to faciliate your own understanding of what works best for you, how to make changes, and what steps to take and when.


Understanding that there is not one single answer to the mirad of health issues and conditions, Health104 is dedicated to the innovation of new and cutting edge technologies as well as research from local and international health organisations, to bring the broadest, scientific modalities and solutions for effective health management.


A human being's health is not driven by one aspect alone. Health104 knows that the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental, and lifestyle aspects of a person's life are all essential components to the DNA of how strong, healthy and functional a person can be. That is why Health104 believes in a health eco-system that addresses all these aspects for their patients.


Our vision is grounded in the belief that education is paramount, and our team of "subject matter experts" will empower individuals with the knowledge they need for informed decision-making in their health journey. When we have knowledge, we have power, and awareness and from here we can build a more solid foundation for the decisions we make about ourselves. We cannot be expected to change for the better if we sit in ignorance. So education is the key to unlocking all the potential we have for a better life.

At Health104, we redefine healthcare by putting patients at the center of their care. We are dedicated to creating a healthcare ecosystem that is multi-modal, recognising the diverse needs of each patient and providing personalised solutions for effective health management.


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The best place is to talk with a case manager – go over your whole health history and start with those issues causing you the most concern. Fill in this form and one of our case managers will get back to you for your first consultation.

We have functional fitness, circuit classes, strength classes, pilates, yoga focus and aerial yoga classes. For a tapas style experience we offer class passes which means you can try a bit of each and then see what are the classes that work best for your level of fitness, lifestyle and goals.

Absolutely. Health104 always collaborates with the pre-existing team you are working with. With patients written consent, we can communicate with anyone you wish us to work with, and can share whatever information you feel will help you to get the best healthcare.

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