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An active, functional, strong pain free body is a healthy body that will lat you a lifetime.

Discover the power of active training at Health 104, where dynamic workouts meet personalized guidance. Our certified active trainers are committed to tailoring your fitness journey, whether you’re striving for strength, flexibility, or endurance. Join us in a motivating and inclusive environment to embark on a transformative journey and achieve a wellness experience that’s uniquely yours.

What We Offer:

Our Comprehensive Active Offerings

At Health 104, our Active Training service transcends the ordinary. Recognizing the uniqueness of each fitness journey, our programs are meticulously crafted to align with your personal goals, lifestyle, and physical capabilities.

Customised Workouts

Tailored exercise plans designed to meet your fitness goals, whether it's building strength, improving flexibility, or boosting endurance.

Personalised Attention

Receive individualised guidance, precise technique correction, and motivational support from our certified trainers.

Flexible Scheduling

Prioritise your convenience with flexible training times that accommodate your busy lifestyle.

Lifestyle 104


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We have functional fitness, circuit classes, strength classes, pilates, yoga focus and aerial yoga classes. For a ‘tapas’ style experience we offer class passes which means you can try a bit of each and then see what are the classes that work best for your level of fitness, lifestyle and goals.

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