Sapphire Club

Empowering women to reach their full potential with a holistic mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental and lifestyle approach.

The only time we truly heal and repair is when at rest. And rest is so needed in this environment and lifestyle. Come and find rest and rejuvenation in our beautiful wellness spa with ice bath, hot magnesium spa, infrared sauna, hyperbaric chamber, various massage offerings and a magnificent view.

Sapphire Club Tiers

designed specifically for those who seek to invigorate their body and mind through dynamic and engaging wellness activities. Each package is crafted to boost your physical fitness, enhance your mental clarity, and support your journey towards a more vibrant and active lifestyle.


$ 394
per month
  • Insert title here
  • Meet-ups twice a month on Wednesday morning, includes:
    - Continental Breakfast
  • Ongoing monthly active membership, valued at $249 per month (includes the below active options):
    - Yoga, pilates, functional fitness or circuits.
  • Access to wellness options, including:
    - Ice bath, infrared sauna, magnesium spa.


$ 591
per month
  • Everything that's in FEMFIVE, plus:
  • Meet up once a month on a Wednesday afternoon / evening, which includes:
    - catching up with like-minded people.
    - shared platter meal + beverages.
    - Medical or well-being speaker.
  • 1x webinar per month.
  • Limited access to downloadable resources.


$ 828
per month
  • Everything in GEMFIVE and SAPPHIRE SOCIAL, plus:
  • Meet up once a month on a Wednesday afternoon / evening, includes: - Business networking opportunities.
    - 2-course dinner and beverages.
    - Business question forum.
    - 1x Q+A virtual session per month.
  • Access to downloadable resources: blogs, articles, etc.

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We have functional fitness, circuit classes, strength classes, pilates, yoga focus and aerial yoga classes. For a ‘tapas’ style experience we offer class passes which means you can try a bit of each and then see what are the classes that work best for your level of fitness, lifestyle and goals.

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