Chronic Disease Management

A team approach to the management of chronic disease

Addressing long term chronic pain, with a variety of traditional and non traditional treatments. This also includes recognised healthcare system tools such as the chronic disease management plan, researched nutritional plans, supplements, weekly follow ups and educational needs.

What We Offer:

Our Comprehensive Chronic Disease Management offerings

At Health 104, our approach to Chronic Disease Management goes beyond conventional care. We understand the unique health needs associated with chronic conditions. Our sessions are intricately tailored, focusing on rest, rejuvenation, relaxation, healing, and vitality. Experience a personalised journey towards well-being with our specialised services

Individualised Treatment Plans

Customised plans addressing the specific needs of chronic conditions, promoting better management and improved quality of life.

Multidisciplinary Support

Collaborative care with allied health professionals to address various aspects of chronic disease, including physical, mental, and nutritional well-being.

Regular Monitoring

Implementing regular check-ups and assessments to track progress, adjust treatment plans, and ensure optimal disease management.

Chronic Disease Management Services


Non-Traditional Medicine

Embrace Wellness through Non-Traditional Medicine

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