Simon Ashton

Simon Ashton is a Physiotherapist with a passion for complex persistent musculoskeletal pain management and primary contact physiotherapy in the emergency department. He is particularly motivated to bring high-value health care to all through inclusion, support, guidance, and compassion.
While working as a physiotherapist, Simon has focused his interests into treating some of the most common yet complex musculoskeletal issues: neck, back, and nerve pain. He has experience in public & private hospitals, public community health centres, and privately funded clinics. Whether he’s seeing a patient with long-standing persistent pain or an acute injury, he loves to help.
In addition to working at the coalface, Simon has conducted research into musculoskeletal pain issues and pain education. A key standout in his academic career has been the design, implementation, monitoring, analysis, and review of his honours thesis, which was a feasibility study looking at telerehabilitation for shoulder pain. Further to this Endeavor, he is the Clinical Research Coordinator at Health104 and is overseeing the development and implementation of our programs.
Simon spends lots of time reflecting on his own practice abilities, including inter-personal and clinical skills. He believes there is always room for improvement and loves the process of getting better at all things physio. You’ll be hard-pressed to get Simon to identify as a practitioner of any specific method or modality, instead, he is focused on moderating the pain experience as quickly as possible and teaching the patient how to self-manage as effectively and efficiently as they can. As long as there is high-quality evidence for treatment effectiveness, he’ll work with it.
Simon caters to all areas of Physiotherapy, but if you are in need of a physio who lives and breathes pain management, especially for necks, backs, and nerves, he’s your go-to physio.

Outside of physio Simon is a keen cyclist and is always down for a race to Portsea and back.


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