Need help with your eating? Want to lose weight? Want guidance with your food intake?

If you are having any trouble with your eating, or would just like some more information, book an appointment with our onsite dietician Rhoy Van Den Bosch.  Rhoy is here to help you make some more informed nutrition choices that align with your health goals.

To find out of you’re eligible for a bulk billed referral, speak to you doctor.

Have you considered advice from a dietician?

Dietitians are qualified health professionals, who are trained to help tailor an individual’s eating pattern and what they consume, to help manage a medical condition, taking into account any allergies, intolerances or dietary preferences. We are here to listen without judgement, and to help you make more informed nutrition choices. And talk about food! What could be better?

Dietitians work across a range of health settings and new opportunities continue to present themselves where there is a role for us.  Some of these include in hospitals where patients are acutely unwell, outreach programs in the community, and in public health which focuses largely on education and primary prevention of chronic diseases. We can also be found in the kitchen working in a food service setting, in private practice for one-on-one consulting, and working with sports teams and individual athletes to help maximise performance to name a few examples.

Dietitians Australia is the peak body of dietitians in Australia, so if you see the subsequent logos below, you are seeing a dietitian updated on the latest research and evidence. Accredited Practising Dietitians (APD’s) undergo a rigorous accreditation process, before practising in the profession. This includes a minimum 4.5 years of tertiary studies which involves them to demonstrate a clear understanding of clinical nutrition knowledge and apply this across numerous placements across a range of different health settings. Upon completion of their studies, dietitians go through a 12-month provisional mentoring program with an APD for which they must complete 30+ hours of continuing professional development and meet a minimum amount of practice hours over a given timeframe to maintain their competency, which is ongoing.

What a consultation with a dietitian may include:

  • A comprehensive nutrition assessment including a full diet history, whilst considering your social, work, lifestyle, amongst other factors that could affect your current nutrition status.
  • Provide education to help you understand the link between your medical condition and how nutrition can play an important role in managing this to optimise your overall health.
  • Help create SMART nutrition goals that you can work towards and stay accountable to.
  • Lead supermarket tours to help people understand nutrition panels and ingredients lists.

Some of the reasons why you may need to see a dietitian

  • Newly diagnosed type II diabetes where managing carbohydrate intake and blood glucose levels is essential
  • Newly diagnosed with Coeliac Disease requiring individuals to follow a strict gluten-free diet
  • Weight management in the form of either weight gain, weight maintenance or weight loss.
  • To provide education regarding food allergies and to identify trigger foods in relation to intolerances
  • Address nutrient deficiencies such as anaemia, ideally from a food-first approach

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