45-49 Year Old Health Check

What is 45-49 Year Old Health Check?

The 45 – 49 year old health check is a one off check up with your doctor, aimed at assessing your risk of developing chronic disease in the future.

This Health Check is an opportunity to reflect on your lifestyle, medical and family history and to then assess your risk of developing chronic disease.

You are then able with the help of your doctor and other allied health services, look at ways of reducing that risk.

This health check is bulk billed.

What is involved in the 45-49 Year Old Health Check?

During your appointment the following areas are covered:

  • Medical history
  • Relevant investigations may be undertaken such as blood or urine tests
  • Overall health assessment including physical assessment
  • Referrals to relevant providers (for example, physiotherapist, podiatrist, exercise physiologist or relevant specialist)
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